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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Definition of an Idol/Role Model

The definition of an idol is: An idol is a person that is admired or loved by people.


The definition of a role model is: A role model is a person that people think is an example. A person that other people want to imitate.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Idol!

My idol is Barrack Obama.He is my idol because I admire him. He is kind and really cares for America. I am happy that he is the president. He deserved to win! BTW, if I were in America, I would have voted for him! 

My Role Model

My role model is my mom. I want to be like my mom because I want to be a caring and hard working person like my mom. My mom works in one of the largest paper companies in the world. She is the ‘Director of Sustainability’. My mom is kind of strict, but in a good way. She always looks out for everyone and she always wants the best for me. I love my mom!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Character Description About Georgina.

Who is Georgina's best friend?
What does Georgina love to do best?
Where does Georgina live? 
When dod Georgina first meet her cousins?
How old is Georgina?
Why does Georgina love her island so much?

Georgina is a 12 year old girl that wants to be a boy. Because of that, she gets really angry when you call her Georgina. She wants to be called George. George cut her hair really short, so now she looks a little like a boy. When you first meet her, she will be very grumpy, but she is actually really nice. George is very venturesome and does not like to sit still. She is also very curious, and brave too! George also loves the island that her mom gave to her. But she loves Tim even more. George can be very fierce if someone bothers her but is always (ok, maybe not always) sorry for what she says or does.