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Monday, November 17, 2008

My Character Description About Georgina.

Who is Georgina's best friend?
What does Georgina love to do best?
Where does Georgina live? 
When dod Georgina first meet her cousins?
How old is Georgina?
Why does Georgina love her island so much?

Georgina is a 12 year old girl that wants to be a boy. Because of that, she gets really angry when you call her Georgina. She wants to be called George. George cut her hair really short, so now she looks a little like a boy. When you first meet her, she will be very grumpy, but she is actually really nice. George is very venturesome and does not like to sit still. She is also very curious, and brave too! George also loves the island that her mom gave to her. But she loves Tim even more. George can be very fierce if someone bothers her but is always (ok, maybe not always) sorry for what she says or does. 


Contras said...

Wow! What a nice description. Your description is really complete!

Zack said...

Yup I agree with 'Contras' and nice job.
Keep up the good work!

Brad said...
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Mrs T. said...

Well done Adelle. Great blogging!

Road Runner said...

This is good adelle.

Road Runner said...

And I also agree with zack n contras.