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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sharing the Earth

I think sharing the earth means that we live on only one earth so we have to share the planet with all the other living things because we are all connected. Thats called, 'interconnectedness' or 'the food chain' and without each other we can not survive. For example, the frog eats the fly, the snake eats the frog, the mongoose eats the snake, the tiger eats the mongoose, and when the tigers die the vultures eat them. Then, when the vultures are done, the leftovers are taken by bugs and turned into fertilizer for the plants. Another word for this is called 'the circle of life'.


Severinus 09-01-1999 said...

Can you make the writing longer?

Fernan said...

yeah!! can you make it longer please

Learner said...

That's a new one.. 'The circle Of life..' Never heard of that phrase. Please comment on mine!!! BTW. Like Sevrin and Fernan said, please make it longer..

Ur loving friend, Atta